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An L&I patient is a patient that has been involved in a workplace injury and has been referred by their attending physician to received treatment for medical massage therapy under their worker's compensation claim. 


A referral is a medical document written by your medical doctor and/or attending physician recommending a certain treatment modality for you as a part of your injury treatment. This document will either be handed to you personally, then you will be asked to supply this to us prior to your first appointment. Your referral may also be faxed over to us personally by your doctor/attending physician.


Once we receive your referral, we will then submit your referral along with the proper paperwork to L&I asking for authorization. This process and approval or denial may take anywhere from 4-16 days depending on L&I. If L&I approves the treatment they will grant us SIX massage therapy visits, these visits do have a time frame of six-eight weeks to be used. If not used in that duration of time it is possible you may not have additional massage therapy visits approved in the future. After you have been seen for those SIX visits, if your medical massage therapist and you agree that more treatment would be beneficial to you, we will then submit a progress report to your attending physician. This progress note is to see if they also believe further treatment is medically necessary for your specific injuries and progress that has been made.


Once we receive back that answer, if your attending physician has agreed for you to continue treatment, we then send L&I the signed progress report from your attending physician, along with the treatment notes, and another authorization form requesting an additional SIX visits. L&I then carefully looks over everything and your claim manager makes the decision for you to continue treatment, or to wrap it up at that time. This decision from L&I can take up to 4-16 days. If approved, we will have another SIX visits to treat you under your claim. 

Once those second SIX visits are completed we will follow the same steps as the second set authorization, the only difference is if sent in to L&I for authorization it is now up to a Nurse Consultant (and not your direct claim manager) to look over all treatment received by you for your claim and make their decision as to what is best for you at this point in your injury claim. The third set is not always easy to come by, but we do our very best here to fight for continued treatment for our patients when needed and our success rates for additional sets is what sets us apart as a clinic. 

Don't hesitate to call or text us at 253-553-9928 if you have any questions regarding L&I. 

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