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Health Insurance Information

Due to the limited availability with certain credentialed providers at this location, we are only opening doors to accept a few insurances at a time to ensure we are able to provide the quality care that we stand by here at Meridian Medical Massage. The insurances we are currently accepting at this time are listed below:

To make your insurance is a part of the plans we are currently accepting please check your prefix before your member ID number:

Premera- TMP (Teamster plan)

Kaiser- PPO & HMO Plans only

If you would like to be a patient here and have a plan that is not listed, you may still call our office at 253-553-9928 and get onto our waitlist for when we do open up to other selected plans. 

Premera Patients



That does not mean you cannot be seen here, Premera tends to have wonderful "out-of-network" benefits. This just means that you are responsible to know your "out of network" benefits and that they will possibly differ from your "in-network" benefits.


TMP (Teamsters) Plans: You have 20 visits per year and may be seen up to 2 hours for each of those visits, with a $20 to $25 copay per visit, duration of time does not affect your copay.


Other plans: We will do our VERY best to look up each plan on the Premera provider portal and quote you accordingly. However, eligibility and benefits quoted to you from that portal are not a guarantee of coverage and they are subject to change. It is not until we receive back your Explanation of Benefits for your visits that we are able to know the true coverage of each visit.


There are a few Premera plans that will send our payment check directly to the patient because we are "out-of-network", when and if this shall happen, we are alerted and will then send you a bill for this. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes but that is just how some of these plans choose to operate. In this case you may either sign the check "signing payment over to Meridian Medical Massage", and bring it into the clinic, or you may deposit it and pay us however you choose.




Regence Patients



However, we only accept a few plans at this time as we are trying to provide quality care to our existing Regence patients.

(Current plans we are accepting can be found at this top of this page)

We ask that you have a referral for your treatment here, before starting care. Why is this important? What if my plan says I do not need a referral?

In order for us to bill ANY medical billing to your insurance plan we need a diagnosis code, or the bills will be rejected and denied. We as massage therapists are unable to diagnose our patients and need a referral from your medical provider, or chiropractor to receive those initial codes. After receiving the initial referral if your plan states "no referral needed" you will not be obligated to continue to bring us referrals. If your plan does need a referral, it will be your responsibility to make sure we have an updated referral on file in order to continue treatment as this validated your medical necessity with your insurance company and will not cause any delay or denials in payments for your treatment here at this clinic.


Knowing your benefits and eligibility is your responsibility. However, here at Meridian Medical Massage we will gladly give you the courtesy of letting you know what your benefits and eligibilities are based on the Regence Provider Portal. These benefits are not a guarantee of payment from your insurance company and are subject to change until we received your Explanation of Benefits for each visit.


We will kindly check massage therapy benefits for you at this clinic if you call/text us at 253-553-9928, you will need to provide us with a picture of (or the information on) the front and back of your insurance card, as well as your date of birth. After checking your benefits, we will get back to you and let you know what we were quoted. These benefit quotes are not a guarantee of payment and may be subject to change once we receive your Explanation of Benefits back from your insurance company, which can take up to 4-6 weeks from date of service

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